Mini “Hachiko” has been waiting for its owner for 3 years

TL;DR – Probably the saddest thing you’ll see today.

Heard of Hachiko?


The Akita dog’s remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, by waiting at Shibuya train station in Tokyo for his owner’s return for more than nine years after his death. A bronze statue of the dog stands in front of the station today.

Fast forward 82 years, there is now a little dog who has been waiting for her owner for more than three years. In the same spot.

According to this video from a Korean programme, her owner was an old woman who was paralysed and had Alzheimer’s.

The owner never came back but neighbours started caring for the dog and according to comments in response to the video, she was later adopted by a new family.

Here’s the video, be prepared to cry:

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