Should polytechnic students sing their school songs daily too?


So Republic Polytechnic uploaded their very own version of April Fools’ joke some time ago. The one where you see two students singing a very strange version of their “school song”.

As odd as the song sounded, it was very well-received on social media. This is probably one of the most shared posts on Republic Polytechnic’s Facebook page.

Given its popularity, maybe the school should really make them sing this version of their school song every day. After all, the primary, secondary and junior college students do it daily too. And it does instil a certain sense of school pride, right?

Not too sure if they are still considered the coolest polytechnic to be at these days but I guess this music video just earned them quite a few brownie points.

The other polytechnics, your move now, guys.

Author: Smith Leong

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