Ever wanted free food? Be driven around in a Maserati? Then this fantastic platform will make you a star

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TL;DR – So bad it’s so good.

Do you spend all your time on Instagram stalking your favourite Internet personalities to get all jealous about the free food, free manicures and media invites they are getting?

Is it to the extent that you even know what bras and panties they wear?

Do you want to be driven around in a fancy car and better yet, have fanboys (or girls) fawning over you with flowers and gifts?

Are you a Rising Instagrammer?

Then Faves Asia is for you! This platform promises to get you the “Opportunities & Sponsorships” you’ve always wanted.

But you have only 1k followers? Don’t worry, Faves Asia will make you a star!

Remember to smile ok?

If you managed to survive the video, then perhaps the following comments might resonate with you.

What exactly is an Influencer anyway?

By @nellielim

This is a rather thin line for me to thread cause *ahem*, I do upload commercial content on my social media pages. Sorry lah, I make a living out of social media marketing and content creation (it IS a real job for some people) and I have a 13-month-old son to feed after all.

But do I do it for the free food?

To be honest, lugging my camera equipment + lenses and editing the pictures cost way more than a $50 meal. Not to mention having to eat cold food.

Am I doing it for the glamour and glitz?

I actually get rather tired from all that socialising and “remembering to smile”. Worse yet, nobody can see my eyes when I smile.

By @beautifuladieu

Believe it or not, I maintain my social media accounts (mostly Instagram – so does this make me a Rising Instagrammer?) because I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy capturing moments of my everyday life and travels, especially those that people tend to ignore in this fast-paced world we live in. I enjoy telling people about the new food haunts suaku me just discovered (and yes, I pay for my food). And of course, I enjoy spamming my followers with pictures of my son.

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If commercial content comes along, they are first and foremost, brands or causes that I personally believe in and actually use and secondly, I do put in a lot of time, effort (and fun along the way) brainstorming and creating the right content to best represent my clients.

By @sophiachong

Anybody can be an influencer. 

Your mother might be the most influential person in the wet market near your house.

So while you want to be the next Rising Influencer (or Instagrammer) or whatever, perhaps you should ask yourself why are you doing it and why should people follow you in the first place?

— Editor’s Note —

It seems that Faves Asia has since removed the video which is such a pity really. It’s so bad it was almost good.

Update: Some kind soul has since uploaded the video to another site and we have included it above.


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