5 Instagram accounts that make you want to fly to New York City right away

TL;DR – Like nao.


I grew up watching lots of movies that were set in the Big Apple. It’s basically the land of rom-coms. To me, these shows make New York more popular than any tourism campaign. From running after your loved one at the airport, to kissing the girl of your dreams when the Ball drops on New Year’s, or even just randomly meeting a stranger to end up having milkshake together.

After years of dreaming about the city, I finally managed to step foot into NYC last year and it was felt like I was literally stepping into my favourite movies. I could imagine the Sex and the City girls having their Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and almost saw Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen standing right in front of me at the Grand Central Terminal.

As much as I love Singapore, I feel like I left a big part of myself in New York. Just when I thought these movies did a good job to glorify the city, wait till you check out these Instagram accounts.

New York is probably the most Instagrammed city in the world. Oh guess what, it really is.

1. @What_I_saw_in_NYC

2. @Loves_NYC

3. @_mynamesjefff

4. @nycprimeshot

5. @fallinginlovewithnyc

Sorry guys, I need to get my air tickets and fly back to New York. Like now. Right now.

Author: Smith Leong

I'm a self-made thousandaire with a thing for tatts and a loud mouth you probably don't care about. Also blogs at www.smithankyou.com

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