5 real ways to save money (and water) in Singapore

TL;DR – Because water falls from the sky, right?

You should have heard about the news that our water price is set to rise over the next 2 years with the announcement of our Budget 2017.

So, allow me to share some life hacks with you on how to overcome this. You can thank me later.

1. Shower in the rain

2. Save water, drink beer rain water


3. Wash your clothes in the rain

You can sing as well. I mean, if you can.

4. Cook your instant noodles, rice, porridge, coffee and everything using rain water

5. Stop talking – drink less water.

Dear keyboard warriors, the logic is rather simple here. The less you talk, the less thirsty you will get and you will need to drink less water. Say only what is needed and stop the whole “How can Singapore be water scarce when there’s always flooding ponding” logic (or rather, the lack of).

Can we really use rain water for all the above?

NO. So stop it guys, just stop it.

I said it. You’re welcome.

Author: Smith Leong

I'm a self-made thousandaire with a thing for tatts and a loud mouth you probably don't care about. Also blogs at www.smithankyou.com

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