This map puts together every country’s travel slogan

TL;DR – Not all who wander are lost.

You know that familiar jingle, “Malaysia, Truly Asia” and how we often hear that “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”?

Family Break Finder, a holiday deals website from the UK, has created a map that puts together all the different tourism slogans. There are 38 countries (out of 196) that do not have an official slogan (for example, North Korea) but for the rest of the countries, here they are:

You can see the zoomed-in version here but here’s the breakdown by continents:

North America

South America



Though I thought Singapore’s “Uniquely Singapore”?

(Edited to add, ohhh, the Singapore Tourism Board rebranded its tagline Uniquely Singapore to YourSingapore… 7 years ago.)



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