6 signs Chinese New Year is just around the corner

TL;DR – Qi ge lontong qiang dong qiang.

1. Those Chinese New Year songs at the malls

Gong xi Gong xi Gong xi ni ah~ Gong your head.

2. Articles about the best time to deposit money start popping out everywhere

I’m no God of Fortune of but I think it’s all good as your bank account has some money in it.

3. As well as the zodiac and “fan tai sui” articles

4. Your mother wife starts nagging about spring cleaning

Well, you know what they say about Singapore having summer all year round?

5. Excuse for shops to give CNY discounts even when they already did during New Year, Christmas, Deepavali, Great Singapore Sale… you get my point.

BUT, we still shop anyway.

6.  Christopher Lee and his Bak Kwa TVCs

Just like he said, every single year.

P.S. Which branch is this anyway? The salesgirl is quite the eye candy.

Author: Smith Leong

I'm a self-made thousandaire with a thing for tatts and a loud mouth you probably don't care about. Also blogs at www.smithankyou.com

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