16 defining moments of 2016 that’ll be hard to top

TL;DR – This year in review.

I know, I know… we always go “Woah, what a year” with the passing of every year but really, WHAT a year 2016 has been. So in the style of all things Dec 31, let’s look back at this year – the good, the bad and the ugly.

1) The US presidential election


For once I see Singaporeans so interested in politics, possibly even more so than in our own General Elections.

And speaking of elections,

2) Bukit Batok by-election


3) The people who left us


Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman aka Professor Snape, George Michael… it’s been a deadly year for the rich and the famous. And our former president S R Nathan too.

4) PM Lee’s fainting spell at the NDR


And how he got back on stage to finish his speech.

5) Heng Swee Keat’s collapse during Cabinet meeting



Another reminder that health is indeed wealth.

6) Zika outbreak in Singapore

What started in Aljunied became an almost islandwide epidemic. The virus is linked to birth defect microcephaly and the latest update in Singapore is that 17 pregnant women were confirmed to have contracted Zika as of Dec 21. Three of them have given birth and their babies have no signs of microcephaly.

7) Chun Cui He

This popular Taiwanese bottled milk tea finally landed in Singapore then broke many hearts when it got recalled by AVA but guess who’s back?



Who would have thought that a guy prancing around in a yellow safari-ish suit to a song that doesn’t even make sense would get this popular?

9) Pokemon GO


And all these people who camped at Hougang Ave 10?

10) Leo winning an Oscar



11) Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7


Erm, what a blast?

12) Zouk’s move from Jiak Kim


Zouk, out. Literally 🙁

13) Our first Olympic Gold


14) Nathan Hartono

And free milo!

15) Our terrex vehicles in China


Suddenly every aunty and uncle at the coffee shop also know what’s a Terrex. Beats any of our NE (National Education) classes.

16) Amos Yee ‘seeking political asylum’ in USA


What a year, right? RIGHT?

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