Here’s why all the foreign Instagrammers are geotagging Singapore in their pics

TL;DR – And no, they are not at Bedok having bakchormee.

If you’re on Instagram enough, you MIGHT have realised that there are a good number of Instagrammers geotagging their location as Singapore when they clearly do NOT look like in Singapore.



Apparently, according to, several users have said that setting the location of their Instagram posts to Singapore, Singapore helps their posts reach more people and end up on the Explore page.

Ya, suddenly the whole world including Instagrammers with sizeable following such as King Bach, Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons, Dan “King of Instagram” Bilzerian, Christian Collins, Logan Paul, Jerry Purpdrank and Sommer Ray is / has been to Singapore when their posts clearly look like they are at Venice Beach in Los Angeles and NOT East Coast Park or even Sentosa lol.

And the last we checked, Singapore isn't in Russia either.

And the last we checked, Singapore isn’t in Russia either.

“You keep Singapore up for 12 hours, then you change it,” said one verified Instagram user. “It’s fully ridiculous and dumb, but it works. I’m not sure why or if it’s just because it’s become a meme, but the ‘Singapore, Singapore’ posts do way better. It 100% works.”

Strange, but I guess this literally puts us on the world map again.

Editor’s Update (16/12) It appears that Instagram has fixed the bug that’s affectionately known as the Singapore Boost.

Author: Flora Lim

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