Woman refuses to pay taxi fare and attacks taxi driver AND security guard


Have you seen these two videos circulating Facebook? Featuring a “I have a lot of money. I don’t f*cking care” woman who ironically was caught on camera refusing to pay her taxi fare.

Don’t forget to turn on your volume so you get the full “I don’t f*cking care! CALL! YOU CALL POLICE I don’t f*cking care” experience in her Cantonese-accented English complete with diu (that’s Cantonese for f*ck by the way) alongside physical and verbal (“you cheap ass, you f*cking asshole”) assaults on the poor cabbie.

Concerned bystanders including a security officer and restaurant staff came over to help but they too were not spared from her abuse which includes being hit on the head by the fare-evading passenger with her handphone.

Sigh. From the videos it appear that the lady might have had one drink too many (and yes, we know how sometimes people can act out of character when drunk)… but still, we really don’t like how unkind she was to the cabbie and security officer.

They are people too, you know?

(Updated) A message from the Union of Security Employees (USE):


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