PPAP – The bad, the worse and the downright nasty

TL;DR – The only good thing about this song is that it’s short.

If you can eat an apple these days without anyone asking you if you need a pen, please know that you are a very, very lucky person.

For the uninitiated, widely circulating the Internet now is this song (if you can even call it a song) titled PPAP aka Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

Warning: Watching it might make you question what has humanity become.

Even Justin Bieber says it’s his favourite video on the Internet.

Screenshot 2016-09-29 22.19.47

Over the span of the past 96 hours, numerous questionable spoofs and alternative versions of this questionable piece of music have since appeared… ranging from,

The Bad


The Worse

(Maybe our SPF can learn a thing or two from the HK Police…)

And eventually,

The Downright Nasty

(That will seriously make you wonder what has the human race evolved to?!)


Author: Smith Leong

I'm a self-made thousandaire with a thing for tatts and a loud mouth you probably don't care about. Also blogs at www.smithankyou.com

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