Kind resident places homemade insect repellant in Bishan HDB lift for neighbours to share

TL;DR – Who says kampong spirit is dead?

Spotted in a HDB block in Bishan, a resident decided to place a spray bottle of homemade insect repellant in the common lift so everybody can have access to repellants given that most are now sold out islandwide.


Of course, some are skeptical about the legitimacy of the contents:

Screenshot 2016-09-09 10.09.33

Screenshot 2016-09-09 10.10.16

But for now, according to the original poster, his skin “hasn’t corroded and mosquitoes are avoiding” him.

Screenshot 2016-09-09 10.13.15

Recipe for homemade repellent if anyone’s interested,


Now, who says kampong spirit is dead?

Here’s the original post,

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