How to write your own Nicholas Sparks movie

TL;DR – We’ve got the Academy Awards formula right over here. 

A decade and 18 novels (of which 11 have been adapted into movies) later, I still don’t get what’s with this whole Nicholas Sparks thing BUT I think I may have finally found the formula to creating a Sparks success.

1) First, set it in North Carolina


50 states in the US of A but all the star-crossed lovers somehow all ended up in this southeastern state.

(There’s even a 3-day Nicholas Sparks Tour of the North Carolina Coast that you can take.)

2) Involve a tough-but-sensitive military man


3) Who falls in love with the girl-next-door who has a broken heart/ afraid to love / longing for romance


aka, a woman with serious issues.

They fall in love (obviously…) but then,

4) Disaster strikes


Like 9/11 in Dear John, the hurricane in Nights in Rodanthe and the psychotic husband who shows up and starts burning stuff down in Safe Haven.

5) But they all end up sad-but-stronger after the tragedy

Don’t forget to throw in a couple of lines that will eventually end up as #lovegoals all over Instagram.




And lastly,

6) Be sure to go to the SAME poster designer every single time



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