5 x 5: Rio Olympics live and foiled terror attack on MBS with rocket

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1) Rio Olympics live!

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

National broadcaster Mediacorp has finally struck a deal with broadcast rights holder Dentsu to beam the 2016 Olympic Games live, one day before the opening ceremony on Saturday morning Singapore time. Catch all the eye candy here

2) Attempted child kidnap at Vivo City

A story has been circulating online about an attempted kidnap case at Vivo City’s Giant Supermart. Keep your children close y’all! More here

(Via Singapore Police Force FB)

                                      (Via Singapore Police Force FB)

3) Mrs Lee Hsien Loong now accepting sponsorships

A dinosaur purse toted by Mrs Lee Hsien Loong at the White House has flown off the shelves, with 200 sold on Wednesday alone. If her fashion clout is anything to go by,  we think she should definitely start getting sponsors. 😉 More on how to grab your dino tote here

(Via Straits Times)

(Via The Straits Times)

4) Indonesia foils plot to hit Singapore’s Marina Bay with rocket from Batam

Indonesian authorities have arrested six terror suspects, including the group leader who had plans to fire a rocket from Batam in an attack on Singapore’s Marina Bay. Epps, that’s one terrifying thought. More here

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

5) Picket & Rail’s advertising agency might just get fired

picket and rail

Their latest advertisement sure induced a couple of laughs from the internet sphere. Share it from here 


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