Look out for scammer who pretends to be murdered victim’s father

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TL;DR – Another day, another scam.

Did you know there were five murders in Singapore in the past two weeks?

One of the five involved a 31-year-old Chinese engineer Cui Yajie. A man has already been arrested and will be charged in court.

via The New Paper

via The New Paper

Cui came from Tianjin to work in Singapore. The press has reported that her family members are making travel arrangements to fly here from Tianjin. The earliest they can arrive in Singapore is tomorrow (Mon).

But meanwhile, an unscrupulous cheat has surfaced in the Chinatown area.

According to Zaobao, a man has been claiming to be the victim’s father to diners at the Chinatown food centre and selling tissues and begging for money. He is believed to be in his 50s and is on the skinny side.

He is said to go around tables to ask for money with a piece of paper (probably telling his ‘story’). He speaks with a Chinese (PRC) accent.

via Zaobao

via Zaobao

If you see him, snap him, stall him and call the police!

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