5 x 5: Salted egg prata, how to speak Singlish the OITNB way and other headlines

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1) Say Hello to the Salted egg PRATA

Just when we thought Singaporeans are done with the salted egg craze, say hello to the Salted Egg Prata from new restaurant Big Street at Jalan Besar that opens till 3am daily. Supper, anyone?

2) Larry the lobster gets a pardon

YAY! Let’s hope he doesn’t end up as the biggest lobster a fisherman has ever caught.

3) Jelly Flower Lipsticks!

[media-credit name=”Daily Vanity” link=”http://dailyvanity.sg/trends/kailijumei-clear-jelly-flower-lipsticks-pictures/” align=”aligncenter” width=”900″]kailijumei-clear-jelly-lipstick-with-gold-specks-and-flowers[/media-credit]

Are these clear jelly lipsticks with gold specks and flowers the prettiest ever or what?! By China-based brand Kailijumei, these lipsticks actually come off pink when applied.

4) More than one million sign UK petition for second EU vote

[media-credit name=”Today” link=”http://www.todayonline.com/more-one-million-sign-uk-petition-second-eu-vote” align=”aligncenter” width=”560″]brexit[/media-credit]

More than a million people have signed a petition calling for a second referendum, after “Leave” voters won a shock victory to pull Britain out of the European Union.

Also, check out this guy’s girlfriend’s reasons for wanting to leave the EU.

5) How to speak Singlish – OITNB style

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