5 x 5: Who’s home, who’s gonna get Stomped, who’s back, who’s right and who’s on Snapchat

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1. Min Heng is HOME!

2. SMRT staff said what..?

– It is too “bulky”
– It might hit someone.
– It’s oversized baggage.

What if you get “Stomped”?

3. East Coast McDonalds is (sorta) back!

[media-credit name=”Straits Times” align=”aligncenter” width=”780″]5a[/media-credit]

It’s back, it’s back, East Coast McDonalds’ back! Complete with a salad bar, local desserts and even wireless charging stations, woohoo! This new flagship outlet will open on 2 July. Opening hours are 6 to 2am (Sunday to Thursday) and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday.

More here.

4. What did Harry say about the EU?

[media-credit name=”Straits Times” link=”http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/the-world-according-to-two-old-friends-lee-kuan-yew-and-helmut-schmidt” align=”aligncenter” width=”780″]5d[/media-credit]

This, has resurfaced and been circulating on social media since #Brexit happened yesterday.

German newspaper Die Zeit: Especially against this backdrop: Is the European Union that we have today not a great achievement and an inspiration for other regions in the world, despite all its flaws?

Lee: No, I do not view the European Union as an inspiration for the world. I view it as an enterprise that was conceived wrongly because it was expanded too fast and it will probably fail.

Read the full exchange here.

5. Look who’s on Snapchat?!

[media-credit name=”Twitter / FLOTUS” link=”https://twitter.com/FLOTUS/status/745306140502822912?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw” align=”aligncenter” width=”477″]5c[/media-credit]

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