So. They say lightning never strikes twice… They haven’t met Cynthia Tay-Lek

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TL;DR – What’s the chance of receiving not one, but two(!) con calls in a day?

This case of how this poor elderly lady was cheated of her life savings has been widely reported.

Many people have shared their own experience, like Alvin of Alvinology. Yet others have tried to get people to be careful, like this lawyer here.

But it looks like the scamming has not stopped. Just yesterday, one Facebook user by the name of Cynthia Tay-Lek shared on the social media platform that she had received TWO(!) con calls. Yes, within in a day. Yes, I know right, what’s the chance of that?

Con call #1: Cynthia played ‘busy murderer-wannabe’

Con call #2: Cynthia played ‘innocent troll’

The Singapore Police Force has also been reminding all to remain alert.

Other than putting up alerts online, posters have also been put up so that they can reach the less net-savvy Singaporeans.

via Singapore Police Force

via Singapore Police Force


So people, tell everyone you know, especially the elderly ones who may not be aware of the going-on, so that we can prevent more people from being cheated.


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