PSA: Ballot for NDP tickets opens

By May 13, 2016Current, Local Life

TL;DR – Because we are Singapore, Singaporeans. 

This is a public service announcement for the patriots of Singapore.

Ballot for this year’s National Day Parade and its two previews opens in an hour for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

Applications can be submitted via SMS, at the official NDP website or at SAM and AXS stations.

To apply via SMS, details should be sent to 8240-0050 in a set format as follows: (NRIC No.) SPACE SPACE (NDP/Preview1/Preview2) SPACE (SG/PR) SPACE (NAME).

An SMS reply will be sent to acknowledge receipt.

Application ends on May 22.


Updated 2016.05.15



(Cover image via Vulcan Post)

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