Did you know there’s a North Korea embassy in Singapore?

TL;DR – Apparently, you can get a piece of North Korea right here in Singapore.

North Korea – officially, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – is probably the most elusive country in the world today.

But did you know, the country actually has a embassy right here in Singapore?

(Somemore at what would probably be the most unlikely of places – Golden Mile Complex aka Singapore’s “Little Thailand”.)

via embassypages.com

via embassypages.com


We are not sure if the embassy is still around but a quick phone call to the above number this morning proved that the line is in existence and a very-official-sounding-Korean-man answered our call.

According to reddit.com, it also appears that:

Screenshot 2016-03-31 16.16.07

1) Singaporeans enjoy 30-day visa-free travel to the DPRK.

2) North Korea elites also travel to Singapore for medical tourism.


We wonder if the late supreme leader Kim Jong-il enjoyed pad thai.

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