Wedding Ang Bao Guide 2016

TL;DR – How much to spend on red bombs this year.

The Straits Times recently published an article about how the Price of wedding tables hits new high and with the revised rates, here’s how much we think you should be packing into your red packets this year.

Warning: It can be a costly affair.

General Guide (for weekends)

Venue / Type

How much to give per pax?

The super atas Sentosa hotels and 5-acting-like-6 stars hotels

E.g. Capella, St Regis, Fullerton, Ritz Carlton, Sofitel  Sentosa, Shangri-La

The real 5-star hotels

E.g. Conrad, Four Seasons, Fullerton, Grand Hyatt, Pan Pacific, Mandarin Oriental,

4-star hotels

E.g. Furama Riverfront, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Peninsula.Excelsior Hotel

Chinese Restaurants

E.g. Tung Lok, Qian Xi, Ban Heng

Angmoh Restaurants

E.g. Alkaff Mansion, The White Rabbit, One Rochester, Tamarind Hill



Other Factors

Wedding is on Monday to Thursday Give 90% of weekend rate
The wedding couple is immediate family  or BFF + 50%
They only invited you at the last minute

i.e. you’re an unfortunate table-filler

– 30%
You RSVP-ed but cannot make it Give the full amount still


You might also want to know…

[list][item icon=”fa-th-list” ]Wedding luncheons actually cost as much as dinner so you shouldn’t give the couple less if you’re invited for lunch.[/item][/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-th-list” ]Weddings at fancy angmoh restaurants are increasingly popular these days and these can cost as much as 5-star hotels because the vendors are usually all ala carte and not packaged in. [/item][/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-th-list” ]At the end of the day, it is not your wedding and it shouldn’t be the  responsibility of guests to cover the couple’s wedding expenses. So really, just give within your means and based on your relationship with the couple – I tend to give more for close friends and less to people I don’t like as much lol.[/item][/list]

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